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Mother of New Twins Gets Help

“Many of my friends and family know I suffered a severe muscle strain at the end of my pregnancy. This later developed into serious hip mobility issues and chronic pain. I sought relief through various channels before turning to Dr. Charles Hecht for ART (Active Release Technique) and chiropractic care. I can finally say that I am on the road to recovery and my pain is nearly gone. I know things will continue to get better and I feel fortunate to be able to work with Dr. Hecht. If you are suffering from an injury or nagging pain, I highly recommend him! I can’t thank him enough for helping me get back to my active lifestyle and for allowing me to keep up with my girls!”

Alyssa A.

Low Back Pain Made It Hard For Me To Do My Job

"I started to see Dr. Hecht after developing lower back pain while I was a medical resident at UNC. The pain started because after long periods of sitting and decreased activities. After nine months, I was not able to sleep and it was hard to concentrate because I was in constant pain. I saw Dr. Hecht for treatment and now I am able to sit without pain for long periods of time again. Not to mention, it’s made my job easier because I am not focused on the pain anymore."

Troy P.

Now I Can Lift My Grandson Without Pain

"I had low back pain for about four weeks before I decided to see someone. My wife and I were visiting from out-of-town when the back pain started. I found Partners in Health & Wellness in the phone book and decided to call. Dr. Hecht and his staff was able to see me the same day I called to start treatment. I had been taking over-the-counter medication and the back pain got so severe that I couldn’t even sleep. After treatment, I was not only feeling back to normal, but I was able to lift my grandson again. I’d like to say thank you to Dr. Hecht and his staff for a job well done."

Jim E.

Car Crash Stopped My Normal Life

"I started seeing Dr. Hecht and his staff after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. My sister had seen Dr. Hecht for a previous back problem and got great results. After going to the emergency room and getting medication, I decided to see if another route would work better. I was having horrible lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and spasms, and pain that ran down my left leg. I was unable to walk, turn my head, and was not able to do any normal daily activities for nine days following the accident. After going to Partners in Health & Wellness, I am no pain-free and am able to once again do all the things that I used to do before the wreck. Along with the adjustments, Dr. Hecht also had me do some rehabilitation that helped me get back my normal range of motion and some strength and flexibility. I enjoyed my experience at Partners in Health & Wellness and have referred others for care."

Katrinka B.

Back Pain For Ages

"I had lower back pain for ages. My daughter referred me to Dr. Hecht when I could no longer work without pain or spasms. He had successfully treated her husband a few months earlier. I had suffered for over ten years and had used ibuprofen to ease the pain and allow me to work with reduced pain. I saw Dr. Hecht for five visits and felt much better. I was able to walk around my neighborhood and even work in my garden without pain. I think coming to Dr. Hecht was a great idea!

Johnny H.

Referred By Another Chiropractor

"I started seeing Dr. Hecht for my neck and back pain after splitting firewood. I was given his name from my former chiropractor when he retired. he told me that he did a good job for his former patients. After the injury, I waited two weeks and when the pain didn’t go away, I called Partners in Health & Wellness. After completing care, I had no more neck or low back pain."

Ken H.

Lower Back Pain and Leg Numbness After Lifting Wrong

"I called Partners in Health & Wellness after lifting wrong. I have been lifting heavy items on my job for over 15 years. This time it felt like the it was too heavy and caused me to bend sideways while trying to lift. When I began seeing Dr. Hecht, I was having severe low back pain and right leg numbness. It got so bad, that I worried that my leg would not hold me up when getting out of bed in the morning. After several sessions, the back and leg pain started reducing. Chiropractic care has definitely been the reason I’m able to walk without pain and no longer feeling limited in what I do."

Shinetta R.

Changing Chiropractors Made a Difference

"I was recommended to see Dr. Hecht after I was in a car accident in February. I had actually been to see another chiropractor for three visits prior. She stated that since I wasn’t seeing much difference with her technique, she would seek treatment with another provider. She gave me Dr. Hecht’s name and after one week I had reduced my pain in half. After completing treatment, I could work out and do all of my normal activities without any extra pain or soreness. I appreciated Dr. Hecht’s friendly staff at Partners in Health & Wellness also. They were able to get me scheduled around all of my many activities. I would highly recommend Partners in Health & Wellness for chiropractic care."

Helen C.

Returning Hip Pain Took Me Back to the Chiropractor

"I recently moved from West Virginia to Chapel Hill. I had previously suffered with some hip pain that returned as I was unpacking boxes. I called my chiropractor in West Virginia and he referred me to Dr. Hecht. My pain got so bad that I had to quit my local sports, working out, and even getting through a work day was tough. After seeing Dr. Hecht for about three weeks, my back and hip felt much better. Now, six weeks after starting, I am able to be more active and go back to my sports teams without pain. I have since referred my husband and several colleagues. Thank you to Dr. Hecht and Partners in Health & Wellness for their great help!"

Joy T.

Never Thought of Trying Chiropractic Until My Medical Doctor Referred Me

"I started seeing Dr. Hecht because of lower back pain. It started when I was cleaning up around the house and was picking something up off the floor. It had gotten so bad, that I was having to lay flat on the floor with ice under me. My medical doctor saw me and recommended that I try chiropractic. She mentioned that several patients, as well as herself had been patients of Dr. Hecht and got great results. After 34 days, I am back running again without any medication!"

Sharon U.

I Can Play Golf Again!

"I started seeing Dr. Hecht after having severe low back pain from a golf injury. It got so bad that I couldn’t stand for more than five minutes, do any type of yard work, or swing a golf club without severe pain. I saw my medical doctor who gave me medication for pain and inflammation. I was taking six pills a day and still not able to function very well. My neighbor referred me to Dr. Hecht after learning that I was having pain. After three weeks of treatment, I take 1/4 of the medication was taking and am able to play 18 holes without stopping because of pain. I also found that my flexibility increased tremendously. I am able to get in and out of my car without pain. I have been extremely pleased with my care from the team at Partners in Health & Wellness."

Edward G.

Thanks for Seeing Me In a Time of Need

"I was in town from Ohio helping my daughter move into her new dorm at UNC. While lifting a suitcase, I felt a twinge in my back. Shortly after, my neck and shoulder started hurting as well. It’s always good to find a member of my own profession who truly knows how to adjust and what being a great chiropractor is all about. Thank you so much for your help."

Dr. Alex Warner

Can't Stop for the Pain

"I’m a self-employed mechanic who depends on working everyday to collect a paycheck. After many years of work, I developed tingling in my hands. My wife scheduled me to see Dr. Hecht. I had previously tried another chiropractor when I lived in New York without relief. I decided to give it one more chance. That was the best decision I made all year. Since care, I’m back at work full-time without my hand or arm pain, plus I have about half the number of headaches I used to."

Frank L.

Senior Track Athlete

"As a 69-year old participant in Masters Track and Field, I suffered severe muscle damage to the back-side of my thigh. This occurred two years ago and despite doctors, prescriptions, and physical therapy, my upper leg was in constant pain even when I just walked. I went to see Dr. Hecht because of an advertisement I saw about him treating sports injuries. He found four distinct areas in the thigh where muscle scar tissue was causing pain and restriction. Twelve visits later, Dr. Hecht has almost totally eliminated the pain and gotten my range of motion back to normal. Since then, I have also started treatment for a tight lower back. With each visit, my lower back pain decreases; I haven’t felt this good in 40 years!"


Thanks for Taking Care of My Son

"I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my son. It’s so nice to see him once again with a smile on his face rather than all the pain. Our whole family appreciates what you all do!"

Alison C.

Car Wreck After Christmas

"I started having neck and back pain right after Christmas when I was involved in a car accident. Chiropractic helped me to straighten my neck, loosen my muscles, and give me a pain-free range of motion. Before the accident, I had a hard time sitting (for more than five minutes), walking normal, and felt like I was uncoordinated. I had such a good experience at Partners in Health & Wellness. The staff was pleasurable to work with my schedule and Dr. Hecht provided great care. I have recommended several of my colleagues to his practice. Thank you again for your help."

Ellen B.

My Arm is Completely Healed

"I started seeing Dr. Hecht after hurting myself playing racquetball. Dr. Hecht explained that I had lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) from playing racquetball so much. I saw Dr. Hecht for some regular visits and did some therapy at home to rehab my arm. Now, I am able to play two times per week with zero pain! What a healing power you bring. Thanks Dr. Hecht."

Billy B.

Chiropractic Relief

"In December, I injured my neck while doing a physically strenuous activity. The pain was intense and started almost immediately after my injury. After the first few days, the pain was getting worse and started spreading into the rest of my neck and into my upper back. My employer sent me to Urgent Care where they gave me some pain killers and muscle relaxers. After a month of medication and no results, I had to quit my job because of the pain. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t do my normal chores or even drive without excruciating pain. A family member told me about Dr. Hecht so I made an appointment.

After my first visit with Dr. Hecht, I started to feel noticeable relief from my pain. It was an eye opening experience into the power of chiropractic. I was able to return to work full-time during care and was encouraged by my increase in physical stamina and mobility. When I first started treatment, Dr. Hecht skillfully assessed my condition and gave me stretches and exercises to incorporate into my daily activities. He and his staff also answered all of my questions and were very quick to answer my questions. Another added benefit is I have had many friends tell me my posture has improved. It actually feels normal to sit and stand straight!

I would absolutely recommend chiropractic to all of my family. I have referred several friends into Dr. Hecht’s office for care."


Trying a New Approach

"I started having severe pains down my left shoulder and arm from my neck in December. I consulted an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me with pinched nerve. He recommended physical therapy for treatment. I went to 11 sessions with absolutely no change. I decided to try chiropractic and was recommended to Dr. Hecht from my daughter’s chiropractor in Cary, NC. We started treatment in January, and after nine visits I felt much improved. I no longer have the severe pains in my neck or shoulders and my lifestyle (as a 76 year old) has resumed to normal. I am very impressed with Dr. Hecht and his work. He is one of the most dedicated and caring health care providers I have encountered in recent years. I am so glad I found him."

Ottillie C.

The Only Thing That Worked

"Dr. Hecht’s care has been the only care that has brought some relief. I’ve tried several other doctors, even other chiropractors, and it was Dr. Hecht that took the time to listen and help me with my back pain."

Roy L.

Changing the Mind of a Skeptic

"I used to look at people with back pain and wonder how a back ailment could keep someone in bed for three days. However, after my lifestyle in a startup company had my driving regularly to Washington, DC, as well as long hours of sitting on the phone for many hours, I started to develop lower back pain and severe spasms. The pain was so strong it literally brought me to my knees. I took a trip to the emergency room to get some help and was diagnosed with a muscular problem and given muscle relaxants, then sent home.

After two non-productive days of watching TV and not moving more than I had to, I decided something had to change when I couldn’t get off the toilet. A friend of mine had seen Dr. Hecht previously and had recommended him when my back first started hurting. Although a large skeptic, I decided to try chiropractic for this lower back pain. After about two weeks, I was feeling no pain and started stretches that Dr. Hecht had given me. In addition, he gave me some tips on getting out of my car or getting up from my chair that really improved my quality of life.

Since then, I have returned to hockey full time, as well as playing baseball with my kids. My overall physical state is much improved. I feel looser around my hips, back, and shoulders. This has translated into some better performance in my sports as well."

Chris H.

A Chiropractor's Chiropractor

"I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Hecht since his first days in Chapel Hill, NC. It has been an honor and pleasure to know this outstanding doctor. He possesses greater knowledge, great compassion, greater integrity, and greater skill in chiropractic than a vast majority of his colleagues. He is the doctor to whom I refer my patients when I am out of the office, as well as the doctor I see when I need an adjustment. I know that he provides all the care that patients need, nothing less and nothing more. And he does it thoughtfully and with skill and integrity."

Gary P. Kliebenstein, D.C.

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